series description

WAKURABA (diseased leaves, blighted leaves)
Standing in front of a dark green world at the height of summer.

The leaves of the trees overlap in multiple layers and create a deep color contrast in a beautiful gradation.

An energetic and lively world.   Violent strong sun shining down on them. 

Approaching and looking closely at a green gradation.   I notice that there are different taste leaves in silence. 

Some leaves are colored red or yellow in midsummer. It looks like rushing for falling of leaves.
Other have big holes are eaten by insects.
Some fall victim to the disease.
Wakuraba’s flowing of time different from others
Wakuraba’s color different from the others
Wakuraba’s form different from the others
Loneliness is caused by difference from others
The beauty of differences   The sorrow for differences   The presence with differences
I would like to express those in a piece of photo .
エネルギーに満ちた生き生きとした世界。 時に暴力的とも思える強い日差し。
目を凝らし、緑のグラデーションに近づく。 その中に風情の違う葉がひっそりと在る事に気付く。
他と違う時間の流れ  他と違う色  他と違う形  他と違う事での孤独
それ故の美しさ  それ故の哀しさ  その存在感